Sunday, March 1, 2009

PGU Executive Meeting Minutes

Date: Sat. Feb. 21
In Attendance: Greg Jonuk, Mike Connor, Sean Bernard

I Finances:
Balance as of January 23, 2009 is $4187.00 minus league expenses of $80 and $2444.20.
League committees will be responsible for deposits and will retain the bank card for this purpose.
A ledger or check book log is needed to track withdrawals since the checks do not have carbon copies.
Prior to paying reimbursement checks to committees or community members, executive will expect a copy of the receipt or an invoice explaining the expense.
We would be willing to front expenses on a case by case basis for those unable to pay for expenses or do not have a credit card.
A budget would be beneficial once a track record of league profits and expenses are available.
Potential expenditures with surplus funds:
Paid advertising
More discs
Apparel items (SWAG)
long term: field fund
Terri Jonuk has agreed to help as a treasurer. Her suggested duties will include:
Reviewing the league/tournament balance sheets (submitted post even)
Creating a balance sheet format that is effective and useable by committees
Creating a final year-end report
Provide advice on a budget for 2010

II Executive Duties:
Mike will continue with BGDSS registration which also supplies our field insurance which is required to rent fields from city or UNBC.
Greg will focus on Website/Public relations.
Sean will liaison with other committees.

III Website:
Sean suggested we retain and not switch to due to the larger popularity of ultimate (versus disc golf).
Mike stated that even if the domain name did not include “ultimate”, search engine users would still find the site if using “ultimate” as a search word. He also mentioned that a service such as go.daddy could offer hosting and domain name transfer for about $120/year with email service.
Greg reported that we currently spend approximately $50 per year for domain re-routing with hosting under his personal account.

Greg will focus on Website/Public relations.
Sean will liaison with other committees and try to recruit members for some of the smaller committees.

IV Rough Plan for 2009:
Sean reported that spring league plans to have jerseys, continue the whole team registration concept, and will likely include a weekly practice drop-in session to supplement league play
Mike said that he would officially join the the touring team committee and register PGDS for the Kelowna tournament ASAP.
Summer drop-in: Practices announcements and co-ordination (what John did last year for the Clearcut team) is likely best done by the the touring team committee.
Fall drop-in: strive for 4 team league with games on Sunday during the day versus in the evenings to take advantage of maximum light and warmth. We will need to recruit in spring or summer for a fall league committee.
Winter 2009-2010: We will suggest to committee that alternatives to capped league registration be explored.

IV Next Meeting:
Schedule for April after winter league and before spring league

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