Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Executive Committee Meeting

First, what a wonderful night of Ultimate this week.  Again special thanks to the league organizing committee (Lisa, Lindsay, Kyla) for creating the space for us to have fun each week.  There work behind the scene has been wonderful.  The PGDS community has advanced tremendously since we have gone to this league based model and it wouldn't be possible if folk's didn't step up to take small chunks of work an run with it.

Second, the PGDS Executive Committee (Greg, Mike, Sean) will be meeting this Saturday, Feb 21 so if there is anything that any of you, as members of the community, feel that we need to pay attention to, then please let us know.  

I hope you find this blog helpful.  I would suggest subscribing to it so you get an email message whenever it is updated so you don't miss anything.  Also, don't forget you can add your own comments.

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