Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Competitive Night

Hello Everyone!

There has been a lot of interest in having a competitive ultimate night for those players who want to play at a higher level. So here's the details:

Time: Tuesday Nights starting at 6:00pm
Place: Spruceland Elementary School (Rainbow Drive)
Cost: $0.00!!
Who: Anyone who is interested in playing a higher level of ultimate!

- This will start Tuesday May 12, and depending on interest it may evolve into having set teams, but for now we will just make teams based on who shows up.

See you on the fields!

Spring League Results

Team Colours:
  1. Freshly Squeezed (Orange)
  2. Red Rein (Red)
  3. Scare Bears (White)
  4. Slipped Disk (Blue)
  5. Looking to Score (Green)
  6. UNBC (Yellow)
May 7 - Week 1

Freshly Squeezed vs Red Rein (15-5)
Scare Bears vs UNBC (15-13)
Looking to Score vs Slipped Disk (13-11)

May 14 - Week 2
Scare Bears vs Slipped Disk (15-10)
Freshly Squeezed vs UNBC (15-6)
Looking to Score vs Red Rein (13-8)

May 21 - Week 3
UNBC vs Slipped Disk (15-12)
Red Rein vs Scare Bears (7-15)
Freshly Squeezed vs Looking to Score (13-15)

May 28- Week 4
Slipped Disk vs Freshly Squeezed (15-10)
Looking to Score vs Scare Bears (11-13)
UNBC vs Red Rein (15-8)

June 4 - Week 5
Looking to Score vs UNBC (15-10)
Freshly Squeezed vs Scare Bears (10-15)
Slipped Disk vs Red Rein (15-11)

June 11 - Week 6
Freshly Squeezed vs Red Rein (15-5)
Scare Bears vs UNBC (15-8)
Looking to Score vs Slipped Disk (15-11)

Spring League

Spring League has successfully started with a great Kickoff BBQ and Skills night held in Fort George Park on April 30. Great food, good fun and good prizes made for a successful opening night! First night of league play was held May 7 at PGSS fields with a record number of over 100 participants signed up for the league! Please check this blog regularly for league updates as well as weekly stats.